Walk & Slash - version 1.3.0 - Augmented Reality Game (RPG)

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Walk & Slash - version 1.3.0 - Augmented Reality Game (RPG)

After a long work, version 1.3 of Walk & Slash, the Augmented Reality RPG is here!

This is one of the most important updates the game has had.

In the original game, the player must collect Diamonds and survive random attacks, and it was almost all the same time.
Now, a story mode is implemented, which we hope will increase the interest of the game.


The game is divided into a series of quests that follow each other from a narrative point of view. Thus we can develop the universe around the game and offer a new experience to the player.
For now, there are 5 quests, which take us to the area of ​​Rodesta, a quiet little town.


While the hero is sent on a mission to find a Crystal, he comes across a group of goblins. These creatures who live beyond the mountains to the south of Rodesta, are never, in the memory of men, come so near the town.
What is even more surprising is that they were able to cross the region without being spotted.


With the new staging, we were able to develop scenes with an ambience for an immersion effect.
We really hope that this version will please everyone!


New quests are in preparation and will be added along with updates to Walk & Slash.

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