Walk & Slash augmented reality RPG [AR RPG]-

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Walk & Slash augmented reality RPG [AR RPG]-

The new version of Walk & Slash RPG in augmented reality is here!

In this update in the middle of winter, the effort was focused on elements of comfort of play.


We have been told many times that monsters arrive from nowhere without warning. This forces the player to constantly look around him.
The desired effect was to create a tension, an oppression as the danger could come from everywhere.
However this can harm game comfort, so now monsters scream when they appear in augmented reality. This gives an indication to the player and gives him time to prepare the fight (by casting a spell or drinking a potion).


Then, some players complained that sometimes the trackers stopped responding and the creatures remained stuck without the player being able to defend himself. We have reinstated the obligation to play with GPS, which increases the tracking efficiency.
The main character can move again in the 3D world with the GPS.


Another problem sometimes mentioned, is the fact when we take a stroke or when we give one, there is no impression of impact. So we added a “shaking”effect of 3D objects (not the webcam), when a stroke is taken.


Another evolution of comfort is the fact now of being able to choose the orientation of the game between landscape left or right.
To conclude with this version of Walk & Slash RPG in augmented reality, a new impresionous creature joins the bestiary to invade our world.

We hope this will please everyone!


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  1. This is amazing please add online sor peapolicy can fight together and add more classes I love this game so muche you peapolicy have done an amazing job keep up the good work☺

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