Phone hand support for augmented reality games

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Phone hand support for augmented reality games

To hold the phone well in hand, the inventors offer small practical gadgets. These gadgets can quickly become indispensable when you play augmented reality games like Walk & Slash!

The one that caught our attention is a cloth with an adhesive tape. It can stick directly on the device or on the protective shell.

Very good quality and with a durability of adhesion, these new products exist in different colors.

A new gadget that represents several advantages

  • Helps prevent falls and cramps in the hands
  • Adapts to your fingers thanks to the elastic cloth
  • Allows one-handed use
  • Installs in seconds
  • Suitable for all hands, for both children and adults

Play comfortably

You will be comfortable playing mobile games and especially augmented reality games. We tested it for you, and it’s perfect for Walk & Slash the RPG AR Game!

Example of use: you hold your phone with your right hand and your left hand is free to tap the screen and interact with the game buttons! The gadget can be positioned in the direction of the length or width of the device.


Let us know what you think about this product and if you would like to own one!


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