Game Overview : Walk and Slash

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Game Overview : Walk and Slash

Origin of the game: how was the idea born

Few years ago I was walking with a friend near a lake. It was at a time when Google glasses was advanced and we did not know it was going to flop. On the contrary, we believe strongly in its success.

And talking to my friend about these glasses, I suddenly imagined the potential, I cried: imagine if we saw an Orc Here in front of us, through his glasses. Whoever will make a game like this would be fantastic.

And there, I imagined that there was really an orc in front of us, encrusted on the scene actually increased. Then the time has passed, and I put this idea aside, like many others. Later, pokemon go is out. They had opened a door to a new style of play. I was at this moment: ah if I had realized my idea before …

But in fact, I said to myself anyway these glasses did not sell, and the mobiles was then not powerful enough for this type of game. A few years later, I woke up yesterday morning I must realize now.

We are August 2017, after many brainstorming, many tests, many modifications, the project was taking shape. On May 12, 2018, more than 10 years after having imagined this Orc in front of me, walk & slash was born, not for glasses, but for mobiles.

The origin of the name Walk & Slash

Walk & Slash and a word game between the Hack’n’Slash genre and the Walk verb which refers to the fact that the player must physically move to play.

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