Augmented Reality RPG Heroes Mobile Game


A new way of playing

About us

Karea Soft is an indie games development studio

We are working hard to offer new ways to play video games. We are fascinated by new technologies and are constantly trying to innovate GamePlay.

Karea Soft was founded in 2016 by a freelance developper, with years of experience.
Walk & Slash is the first game we make and release after years of development.
The game construction is finished at 1%, new updates are published regularly, to finish what we have in mind !

Soundtrack by bat kalaayan

In collaboration with the artist who composed the music and produced the FX sounds.

All his work is available on BandCamp and on


Walk & Slash augmented reality RPG [AR RPG]-
Walk & Slash augmented reality RPG [AR RPG]-
The new version of Walk & Slash RPG in augmented reality is here! In this update in the middle of winter,…
Walk & Slash Augmented Reality version
Walk & Slash Augmented Reality version
The January 2019 version is here. We have fixed several issues in this new version. Problem Several users told us…
1000 players reached!
1000 players reached!
We are happy to announce that we have reached 1000 downloads! Thank you for your support, keep sharing. We need…


Walk & Slash is available for the moment only on Android.

You must have a Mobile Device with the following:
-Android 4.1 at least
-Rear camera
-And bravery…